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1 year, 10 months ago
Hi all.

I have worked on C-Ray a bit more in the past weeks, and I made it compatible with Windows 7. So it should be able to run on any Windows 7/10 machine now. Another thing is that I have completely replaced the underlying OpenGL code with d3d11 code. I find d3d11 a lot stricter and harder to make mistakes with than OpenGL, so I will go with that in the future.

I have cleaned up code a bit and open sourced it on github, you can find a link to it on the project page. The only caveat ... Read More →

1 year, 11 months ago

Hi guys, it’s an honor to have CRay be featured on the handmade network. The project is accepted earlier than I anticipated, so I scrambled to make a (hopefully) good-enough demo for people to play around with. Here it is:

CRay Demo

Now I will provide a short tutorial on the basic controls and what you should expect to see. Keep in mind that it is very likely for there to be a bug in CRay that is only triggered on certain machines (it’s OpenGL, after all). So if you see any unexpected error messages pop up, please report ... Read More →